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The Servant's Song

ABOUT: I'm a Christian author, who enjoys writing ladies' study books; as well as children's books with a fictional story ended with a spiritual/biblical application. 

ABOUT THE NAME: God has created all things for His glory and in turn all creation is to sing forth their praise to Him. Each song is different according to the Creator's design. The bees buzz and make their honey, the birds whistle, the cat's meow and purr, the grasses blow in the breeze, the trees show their colors and flutter their leaves, each per their design shows the Creator His handiwork. God has given each human songs to sing for Him as well. We are worshiping and singing our heartsong back to the Lord when we are using the abilities and talents He has given us. For some, it may be singing actual songs, for others, an ability to play an instrument, to preach, to teach children, or minister to the homeless. For me personally, my song comes in several forms, among which are writing, illustrating, drawing and painting. I pray that God finds pleasure in my song as I lift it heavenward. May each of you, according to the design by which He has created you, lift your song boldly, with intent and clarity to our Lord.

About the Author

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Author & Illustrator

Nancy “Gigi” McAllister  resides in North Central Arkansas where she and her husband open their home to Missionaries and Pastors for indeterminate lengths of stay. Nancy understands the needs of Missionaries well as she was formerly a Baptist missionary in France and Canada. Besides hosting and teaching a children’s class at church, she loves to write. Gigi’s Lap is her line of books for Children. Each tells a fictional story followed by a biblical application for the reader’s own life. To see more of Nancy’s work, please contact her at or


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The Servant's Song: Nancy McAllister  /  Tel. 501-728-4173

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"Sing praises to God, sing praises: sing praises unto our King, sing praises." PS 47:6

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