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About The Elephant wants soup!

Revised Publication Date: September 2018

by The Servant's Song

7.5 in. x 7.5 in. Glossy Paperback, 32 pages

A childrens book from the "Gigi's Lap" book line


George is a very proud elephant who has never been willing to listen to the advice of others. Today is no different than any other day for George.  Having made his decision on where he wanted to stop and have his lunch, he found a nice table and while looking around he saw someone enjoying a bowl of soup and decided that was what he wanted.  George’s waiter warned against this choice.  Find out if he chooses to listen to the advice of his waiter or if he picks the soup. You will even read about a talking donkey that God used to teach a man about listening to good advice!


$10.00 (+tax)

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